Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thank You Zeresenay Tadesse! for your commitment to ERITREA's Martyrs.

Thank You Zeresenay Tadesse! for your commitment to ERITREA's Martyrs.

Isn’t it great when you can do something great for yourself while doing something positive and most of all very memorable? A Running race is the perfect way to merge those passions. In Eritrea running is a fairly new sports compared to cycling and soccer. Thanks to Olympic medalist Zeresenay Tadesse and Eritrean-American Meb Kiflezghi, these days Eritrea seems to be doing pretty good as running has become a growing sport. I have always been an advocate of 10K runs or some type of event in every corner of the world that Eritreans live in during a time when Martyr's day on June 20 takes place each year. It is a great way to commit ourselves to ERITREA's biggest cause while also staying healthy. I wanted to see something like that start in ERITREA and had written about it on this very blog a few years ago. 

It makes me proud that Zeresenay Tadesse the most humble Eritrean runner has got the nation moving and did it during the martyrs day week in ERITREA's capital city Asmara. According to the news media from Eritrea, "Every mosque and church in Eritrea held remembrance and dedication prayers on the morning of June 19. Moreover the morning was glorified by a running event sponsored and organized by the Olympic medalist Zeresenay Tadesse on the eve of June 20, Eritrea’s Martyrs Day.  The event took place in Asmara in two sections. The first road race of 10k started at the Bahti Meskerem Square, for professionals, representing several teams from all over the country. The second segment involved a wide range of voluntary participants of all ages, including ministers and officials." What a great way to bring the country together for a common cause while also helping the sport of running grow, as well as creating a healthy atmosphere for people. It is a well know fact that Zeresenay in the past has also donated and contributed to the martyrs fund. I personally wish to see events like the ones in Eritrea spread all over the world for the future. While it may require some organizing and managing it is similar to when we all gather round to commemorate it anywhere. 

Through a running races we can eventually raise funds for our martyrs families while honoring their sacrifice, which lets us support this important cause close to our hearts. Once again Thank you Zeresenay for starting a running event in ERITREA! not only have you showed that you are the worlds greatest half marathon runner but one of the world's class act people who has always stood by his Government, people and country.

Zelalemawi Zikr' Swatna.

Eri-International sports.

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