Sunday, December 7, 2008

Important GOAL! Henok helps Valladolid come from behind.

Important GOAL! Henok helps Valladolid come from behind.
For the second week in a row Henok Goitom scores in the Spanish La Liga. This time around his team 8th place Real Valladolid was taking Osasuna in 20th and last place in the very tough Spanish premier league. Valladolid was playing away where they lost almost 80% of their games at an opponents home field. At stake was a loss to the worst team in the league and an embarrassment and it looked pretty bad for the purple Valladollid as they were trailing 3-0 until the 59th minute of the game. Mean while Henok Goitom did not start the game but came in in the 35th minute as a substitute and 24 minutes after he got in and his team on the brink of embarrassment he scores a beautiful header to make the score 3-1 and give hope to his side.
Also playing on Real Valladolid along side Henok is another African Bartholomew Ogbeche who was signed along with Henok this past year. The Nigerian international who played for the Green Eagles was substituted as well in the 77th minute of the game, but right before that in the 65th minute an own goal by Osasuna created in the box not very far from where Henok was made the game 3-2.
Bartholomew Ogbeche then added the last goal in the 86th minute to give his team a tie which also helped it earn a point and still in the top 10 of La Liga. It also saved Valladolid an embarrassment as the young Africans showed why they have become a great addition to their team in Spain. Good work by both youngsters as they continue to show that if given a chance they will be among the up and coming stars of European soccer.
Congratulations to Henok and his team even though a win would have been sweeter.
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Monday, December 1, 2008


GOAAAAALLLLLL! Henok Goitom (First of the season) It is about time and a deserving Goal! for the 24 year old Swede-Eritrean as he has been slightly injured recently as well as getting used to his new team but folks it finally came as Henok scored his first goal of the season when his team who have won three in a row got a big win. Valladolid beat Real Madrid and Villarreal before their visit of Mallorca. The Purple and white went ahead in the 29th minute, when Jose Antonio Garcia Calvo reacted quickly after after a free kick. Another solid player Angel Vivar Dorado scored an almost identical goal in the 56th, appearing to use his arm to steer in Lux's parry, and Swedish-Eritrean striker Henok Goitom made it 3-0 when Mallorca's defence halted for an offside, and the referee waved play on. Final score REAL VALLADOLID 3 REAL MALLORCA 0. Congratulations Henok. Here below is the video for those who may not have seen it it is a great shot inside the box. Just click on the YOUTUBE Link.Word of advise don't stop until the Ref whistles and that is what Henok did in this particular case. Good luck to Henok for the rest of the season. Mike Seium