Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eritrea in quarterfinals/World Cup Fever/An Eritrean soccer legend speaks.

     In what was a very simple game for the Red Sea boys the Eritrean side defeated the Somali Ocean boys, as they are known by the score of 3-1 in Nairobi today. The Red Sea boys will make the quarterfinals and face Tanzania on Tuesday. Congratulations to Coach Negash Teklit and the entire national team for advancing to the next round. It is to be remembered that the Red Sea youth (under 17) team made it to the finals a couple of months ago and we hope the adult team will win the 33rd edition of the Orange CECAFA tourney.

There is no doubt in the minds of Eritreans that the Eritrean national soccer team will one day make the African nations cup and the World Cup as a participant. The game is so loved by the people of Eritrea, that during a recent trip to Asmara the world cup trophy got such a huge welcome and an awesome Eritrean hospitality. It is just a matter of time before the Red Sea boys will make their way to one of these big events. Like everything else in Eritrea the development of the game and athletics in general has seen a huge leap in a very short period of time.

Meanwhile the world cup draw took place yesterday in South Africa. Ivory Coast with one of the best players in the world and Ghana seem to be the strong favorites from the African continent while South Africa as a host may also be a good candidate along side of traditional powerhouse Cameroon. Algeria with an easier group and Nigeria are the other African sides.

Eri-TV recently conducted an interview with Eritrean super star Italo Vassalo who alongside of his older brother Lucciano represented the Ethiopian national team along side of 8 other Eritreans in the 1962 African nations cup. You might as well say that Eritrea won the cup even though the glory goes to Ethiopia. Italo in a two part series spoke to the Amharic program of Eri-TV and expressed his passion for the game and that he has no ill will towards the Ethiopian people despite his deportation from Ethiopia by the current regime in Addis.

The 1962 African Cup of nations champions with 9 Eritreans including the Vassalo brother.

In other soccer news related to Eritrea we will fill you in on the progress of Henok Goitom. There is word that the quarter finals of the CECAFA games will be televised and if we get any information here at Eri-International sports we will feel you in, until then enjoy this clip of the Eritrean national team taking on the Zimbabwe team which ended in a 0-0 tie on Day 4 of the Cecafa tourney that was played last week. Check out the link and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

God bless you Mike for keeping us updated. Thanks

Eri-International Sports Comments said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

if you guys wanna watch eritrea live tune to this streaming website about 12 GMT. Eritrea v Tanzania

Anonymous said...

if not that then this one at 2:00 GMT. Im not sure what time they play.

By the way, you have amazing site mike. Your doin great work!!! Keep it up.

If you need any help mike jus send me a mail on (

Anonymous said...

Mike Seyoum,
You're a true legend. Top geezer...true Eritrean.
I searched and searched for football update on our boys progress in Kenya, .....and you always answer our search.
Really love ya.
That 1962 pic of the CAF champion with 9 Eri first team players with Mengistu Werqu, Mohammed Awad and goal keeper Getachew Dulla the only Ethiopians in the starting line up. My Dad would have been in that team with no doubt, had he not been got a scolarship a couple of year earlier where he become athlet of the year same year in American University of Beruit. When Tele won the all Ethiopian Championship twice on the trotprior to the CAF truimph, My dad played an instrumental role in the team as anchor midfield.
The guy standing on the far right of that 1962 pic is Kiflom Araya(Kiflom Gobat, as they used to call him with his nick). He is a legend. His son lives in Sweden and I met him when he comes over to the Eri festival in UK last summer.
Keep up the hard work Mikino.
I'll post a legendary pic soon that would show theose professionals of the early 60's called the Brazil of Africa.
Cherio!!, A football mad Londoner.

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing post bro. Imagine if we had stability in an our country, we would the team going to south Africa 2010 rather the. Algeria , ivory, Cameroon Nigeria. It's unfotunate!!!!! Absoulouty legendary!!! That was a great post fellow brother!!!
Yonas a football mad londoner also!!

Anonymous said...

Yonas and anonymous,

Thanks for the support and I think it is very important to maintain the rich tradition of Eritrean soccer. It will be buried unless we speak up and teach our current youth that the game has a long tradition in Eritrea and the fact remains, "Eritreans are pioneers of the game" in Africa. Kiflom was a guest of honor here in the US and I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with him. He is a good man! Please stay in touch and continue to support Eri-intrenational sports blog.

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