Monday, January 18, 2010

Eritrean Henok Goitom Back in Action in La Liga.

     It has now been 5 weeks since Henok Goitom made a come back to his La Liga team Almeria after an injury that has sidelined him for most of the season. He gradually made a come back as a substitute under coach Hugo Sanchez for the first two games of his come back where he did not perform as well as he could have. Then the Almeria management decided to change coaches as the former Mexico star player and later coach was let go. The Swede-Eritrean star came in again as a sub for a few minutes in the first game for coach Juan Manuel Lillo who debut with a win against Xerez.

(Picture) Henok Goitom Sporting his Almeria colors. He is a player to watch in La Liga. The Swedish-Eritrean born has made a great come back from a groin injury.

Last week facing a strong Villarreal team at home, Almeria was on the brink of losing their game when Henok Goitom who had only been on the pitch for 10 minutes after replacing Albert Crusat, muscled his way against Marcano of Villarreal as the Villarreal defender tried to win back possession. Henok Goitom went down in the penalty box to earn his side a PK and helped them get a point with a tie.
Henok Strikes his first goal of the season.

This weekend Henok Goitom's second-half equaliser earned his 10-man team Almeria a 1-1 draw at home against Primera Division Tenerife. Juanlu Hens had given the visitors, the lead less than two minutes into the game but Henok Goitom saved the day for Almeria, who had Pablo Piatti sent off the game for two yellow cards.

Despite a tie Almeria continue their positive start under new coach Juan Manuel Lillo, earning a point instead of embarrassing themselves by a loss to a very weak team. Meanwhile Henok and Almeria will face Sevilla FC next week. With 20 games left in the Spanish La Liga season hopefully Henok will top his scoring record of last year when he played for Valladolid.
Meanwhile here below are the entire highlites of the game from Sunday. Enjoy Henok’s beautiful goal and a couple of near misses.    

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Creative Soccer Jersey by a Young Warsai.

     A good looking uniform is a great marketing tool, builds fan loyalty, and links matches together historically. As the game of soccer continues to grow throughout the world, national teams continue to fight to make it to the prestigious world cup and in South Africa this year participants will be showing off their colors.

Despite the negative news of the 12 Eritrean soccer players who disappeared in Kenya, Eritrea has a great future in the game and the fan base must be built from throughout the world. Just like Zeresenai Tadesse, & our track and field athletes the entire national soccer team must be supported and by making it to the African nations cup first and the world cup later, Eritrea will prove once again that it is a nation capable of taking on any challenge.

As most of us are aware, countries throughout the world use their flag for sartorial inspiration. Just like other nations, Eritrea has plenty to draw on for its inspiration: four colors, the yellow wreath, the Blue, Red and Green.

With that in mind I want to congratulate and support a young Eritrean Warsai for designing a National jersey that shows a sense of style & National pride. I can’t wait to wear this tasteful white jersey with the colors of Eritrea’s flag in diagonal sash and a flag map of Eritrea over the left breast. It could be the start of a tradition and may be the Eritrean soccer federation in Asmara could use it as an official national team jersey!

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