Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eritrean-Swede Henok Goitom dominates Spanish 2nd division

Born in Sweden to Eritrean parents, Henok Goitom is slowly becoming a big star in Europe. Henok is currently playing in Spain. The Eritrean soccer player who plays in the Spanish second division Ciudad de Murcia scored 3 Goals against Alaves. So far this season Henok has scored14 goals.

Division 1 Spanish teams have shown their interest as he has shown brilliance on and off the field. Henok is also being touted by other European teams including teams from the English Premiership. Henok is being considered the next Henrik Larsson in his adopted homeland of Sweden. Some even argue that he is a much better player at his age and very fast and dangerous with his feet as well as on the air. That's for time to judge

A YOU TUBE link with video of one of his brilliant goal says it all. This goal in my opinion is as good if not better than Messi's Maradona look a like goal that was talk of the international sports scene just a few weeks ago. The only slight difference is this was a second division Spanish league game.


You be the judge. All youth should work hard and use Henok as an example to shine in the game and life in general. To the Eritrean youth groups all over Europe, I want to say thank you for all that you do. I know Henok was active in the Eritrean youth group in Sweden and I want to ask all other youth groups to work hard to imulate hard working individuals like Henok.

Here is the link again. Just take a look and analyze it.



Gidey said...

Henok is a beast, but the Spanish League is in the past. It's all about the English Premiership. Chelsea !!!!!!!!!!!

Yosief said...

Good job Henok. Keep it up Eritrean Lion.

May other youngsters emulate your excellence in footbal


soccer lover said...

wel, wel, wel, how or what shall i name you dear Henok ? wel, to my eyes you are the african maradona , i did see your goal and bilieve it or not eri ppl and his strike with his left foot which will be one of the very few naturally gifted two foot player in the world and scoring such wonderfull goal with that left foot , i dont know but that foot deserve to be plated with the newly found eritrean gold AS this boy has a price-tag of millions of ££££££££ hanging on him , wel, go -on Henok the world will soon be kissing your golden left foot which will be price -less , infact for me to see you having the same name as me is good but to see you as wedi-eri , you are just the icon of your generation and make sure you look after that left foot , tell every one laud that you are wedi-eri and proud .
good bless you talent !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There is one eritrean youngster called Rafiel Negasi who was born to eritrean parents but grew up in south london he's currently in the u16's Crystal Palace squad and is progressing well he's on the verge of sigining a professional contract

Anonymous said...

anonymous- i know this rafiel guy and he is a good footballer, buut I never knew he was gonna sign a proffessional contract. I also am a footballer and play for Man Utd but its no Biggie, coz I m a humble person.
Btw- I am Patrice Evra

minny@stocky said...

shut up rafiel, you think your good at football...... yh u are man

minny@stocky said...

...i lied.