Sunday, May 20, 2007

The best 2nd place finsh in Manchester, England.

Despite finishing second @ the BUPA Great Manchester Run champions on Sunday morning, Eritrean runner and defending champion Zeresenai Tadesse should be proud of his accomplishments. Zeresenai fought hard and stayed neck to neck with the winner of the event

Eri-Olympic Medalist Zeresenai Tadesse pictured here getting his Bronze in Athens.

Micah Kogo who broke a UK All-Comers' 10 kilometres record held by Haile Ghebreslassie. The good news for Zersenai is that he also broke Ghebreslassie's record and surpassed his performance last year when he won the event. As far as Zeresenai is concerned he should be
proud of his result for two reasons. He beat an old record while he also made a tremendous improvement from his victory last year of 27:36, by 12 seconds (27:24).

Kogo who is considered the world's fastest 10k man this year with his 27minutes 7seconds display this past April in the small Dutch village of Brunsuum decided to take off at about the 5k mark. This is what he had to say after his big win,

"At 5K I decided to test everyone and then at 8K, decided it was the right place to make a long run for home which paid off."

Meanwhile Zeresenai continued to chase Kogo and in the end failed short by three seconds while he broke Ghebreslassie's record by one second putting him in the elite of the 10K running stars of the world.

Kogo acknowledged that the battle was not easily won as Tadesse and Mo Farah a Brit-Somalian finished in third place. Kogo said: "That was hard and it was good to win against such a strong field. It is fantastic for me to break Gebrselassie's record.

For Zeresenai this is successful run is one of many that continues to make him a star and a very special star at that. He has represented Eritrea very well in everything that he has done. With the amount of events he has been participating in alone this year, 2nd place is not so bad especially when you break a record.

Congratulations to Zeresenai Tadesse.


Jonathan O Haile said...

Great Job MIKE, Eritrea received a record breaking birth day gift from Zeresenay! at least 100 Eritreans also converged into manchester from as far as London[220 miles away] to cheer our lion. So Congratulations Zeresenay and Happy 16th birth day Eritrea and good wishes to all Eritreans and freinds of Eritrea.

Jonathan O Haile said...

May I congratulate all sports personalities and sport journalists and the sports men and women of Eritrea who work tirelesly to show the world Eritrea's rightfull place as a land of heroes.And the supporters club also will be with you at every step of the way and hope to work with all of you closely to have a great time while keeping fit. I wish every one a productive year and very smooth communication avenues amogst all concerned!

Sirak from Sweden said...

great job mike.. thank you for a good blog.. please post more often though=)