Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eritrea can't seem to find a way to beat Rwanda.

     Eritrea's Red Sea boys took a 2-1 loss to Rwanda in today’s Group B match of the Orange CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup that took place in Nairobi. For some odd reason the Eritrean national team can't find a way to beat Rwanda in soccer. Today's loss marks the 6th time in a row that Eritrea has lost to Rwanda. Even as they were able to contain a very strong Zimbabwe team to a 0-0 draw that they played well in there is just something about Rwanda that seems to be getting in the way. 

                                           Eritrean national adult team from 2008

The good news is the Red Sea Boys can still qualify for the quarter finals if they beat a fairly decent Somalia team that only lost 1-0 to Rwanda. Eritrea is going to play Somalia in Nairobi on Saturday. Eritrea must get a victory over Somalia to qualify for the quarter finals as the top two teams in the three groups qualify automatically while the two best third place teams out of the remaining six teams also gain a spot for the quarter finals. If Eritrea wins it's chances of getting in will almost be sure. 

As far as Rwanda they qualify by virtue of earning 6 points while Zimbabwe will also earn a spot if they beat Rwanda. If Rwanda beats Zimbabwe and Eritrea scores more than two goals against Somalia then Eritrea can go in as a second place qualifier. We hope the Red Sea Boys and coach Negash Teklit will find a way to beat Rwanda in the future as Eritrea has to play them again for the qualifying round of the African Nations Cup taking place in Angola in 2010. 

Good luck to the Red Sea boys against Somalia and in the quarter finals when they make it.

Mike Seium

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