Friday, August 13, 2010

Let the games Begin: Show them how it's done Eritrea

     A very historical moment in Eritrea's history will be taking place on August 14th, 2010 as the nation embraces eight other African nations and the brotherly nation of Yemen which ended up replacing Burundi at the last minute to the FRIENDSHIP & DEVELOPMENT CECAFA under 20 tournament. Already CECAFA president Nicholas Musonye has praised the government, soccer federation and people of Eritrea for their hospitality. According to reports tickets have sold out and the games are slated to begin with an opening ceremony at Asmara Stadium which will be carried on ERI-TV starting at 7:30 AM EAST COAST Time which makes it 14:30 military Local time or (2:30 in the afternoon) Eritrea time.  

     Coach Negash Teklit along with former teammates Alemseged Ephraim and Berhane Araia (Bretta) who all played in the first ever CECAFA adult tournament in 1994 will be coaching the Red Sea Boys under 20. The under 20 team is mostly composed of the under 17 team that made history by traveling to Togo for the African nations cup three years ago. Meanwhile the Tanzanian team that Eritrea will be facing in the opening game is well trained and the government of Tanzania and the soccer federation of the country have been building a strong program by hiring Brazilian coaches and taking on the Brazilian National team. The first game will be a tough one for Eritrea. However Eritrea will also be able to set the tone for the entire tournament.

     As far as the facilities two Asmara stadiums are ready to accommodate a two week long tournament as they both have been renovated in a partnership redevelopment program with FIFA. The last time Asmara stadium hosted a huge event was before independence when portions of the 1968 African nations cup were played there and when some of the CECAFA adult championships were played there in 1987. However what makes this event unique is it is authentically Eritrean as the entire country is awaiting to show the world that Eritrea as a nation is developing in every sector including sports with out any one's assistance.

     Eri-International sports is proud to say that "it is about time" that the renaissance of Eritrean soccer is beginning to take place and with support from the entire Eritrean people in every corner of the world the national team will soon make it to the African nations cup and further. For the entire schedule of the tournament see below. Eri-International sports will keep you update on new developments meanwhile just follow ERI-TV for the latest news, scores and more.

See link below for complete schedule of games and groups below,

                            Fixture Table

Group A                 Group B                                              
Eritrea                    Uganda
Tanzania                Rwanda
Somalia                  Yemen
Sudan                     Zanzibar

Congratulations to the people and nation of Eritrea. 
from Eri-International sports blog.

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